SKIN79 Fast Skin Toning Pad

SKIN79 Fast Skin Toning Pad

  • Convenient for skin toning , removes dead skin cell and control skin condition at once with only one pad!
    Peeling dead skin cell and soft skin toning effect at once with combined of organic cotton pad and soft gauze pad
  • Skin boosting and Balancing by Herb Water
    Lemon balm flower/leaves/stem, Chamomile flower, Calendula, Damask rose, Spelt wheat mixed together to protect skin and help prevent skin damage
  • By plants moisturising ingredient to give moist and smooth use
    Your skin feel moist and shine by Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender and with other plants moisturising ingredient. 


After cleansing, pull out 1 piece of dual pad and use the gauze side of pad to cleanse skin softly. Ten pat and absorb lightly with the cotton side of pad. 


Lavender flower water, chamomile flower water, damask rose water, lemon balm water, spelt mill water and calendula.


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